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Specialized software


VAT management automation

More and more companies are working in an international context. Because of this, they need to take into account all VAT obligations in different member states.

Except for big organizations which have the capability and means to implement their systems for the self-management of their VAT obligations; it is virtually impossible to know and apply the domestic VAT legislation for all the different countries without the help of specialized software (tax engines) reduces the dependence (and so cost) on external advice.

However, it is not always easy to identify which of the different options existing in the market (Onesource, vertex, taxware, iVAT) do serve better the needs of the company.

Along with the internal tax department we can help the company to identify the best option for the automation of its VAT obligations.

One the decision has been made, we can also help the company in the implementation process so there is a fluent migration into the automation of the VAT obligations.

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