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SII Spain. Ministerial Order with technical specifications published
European Economic and Social Committee adopts opinion on VAT Action Plan
Communication on a European agenda for the collaborative economy


VAT and the travel agencies sector


From the next 19th until the 21st February a group of VAT specialist, representatives from significant companies of the sector and senior officers from the European Coomission will be meeting at the ROBINSON Club Cala Serena in Mallorca to celebrate the TTL Travel VAT Conference 2015.

During the conference the future of the special regime of travel agencies (TOMS) and the changes in the existing regulations resulting from the sentence of the ECJ in case C-189/2011 will be analyzed.

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OECD International VAT Guidelines


The Committee on Fiscal Affairs (CFA) is developing International VAT/GST Guidelines (Guidelines) to address issues of double taxation and unintended non-taxation resulting from inconsistencies in the application of VAT to international trade. The first three chapters of these Guidelines were approved by the CFA in January 2014 and were endorsed as a global standard at the second meeting of the OECD Global Forum on VAT on 17-18 April 2014 in Tokyo.

Payment deferral of import VAT


Making use of the possibility contemplated in second paragraph of article 211 of the VAT Directive, Law 28/2014 of November 27 and Royal Decree 1073/2014, of December 19 have introduced an speciality for the settlement of the VAT quotas for the imports, which can be applied for by those taxpayers obliged to file monthly VAT returns, namely:

As a result, since 1st January 2015, companies having applied for this special arrangement are entitled to settle the import VAT quotas assessed by customs through their inclusion at the VAT return corresponding to the period when they receive the liquidation document. So, under this special regime, import VAT will be included both as charged VAT and deductible VAT similar with what happens in cases where the reverse charge rule applies.

From a formal point of view, Order HAP / 2484/2014, of December 29 amends the census declaration (form 036) so to include the possibility of exercising the option for this new payment system VAT on imports, which will have to be communicated by checking box 530 contained in section F ("Import VAT payment") of the said form. This option should be communicated at the census declaration where the commencement of the activity is declared or, for existing companies deciding to apply for the special regime, in November of the natural year previous to the one in which the same shall enter into force. As an exception, however, companies can apply for the application of the regime during January 2015, the same being thus applicable from 1st February 2015.

In addition, the tax administration has established a new procedure of the, so called, "Electronic Office" in its website, so the taxable subjects having applied for this special arrangement or they advisors can check any outstanding import VAT which payment has been deferred, by entering at the site with their personal electronic signature certificate.

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