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SII Spain. Ministerial Order with technical specifications published
European Economic and Social Committee adopts opinion on VAT Action Plan
Communication on a European agenda for the collaborative economy


17th Annual VAT Summit (Berlin)


The 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2016 we will participate as lecturers in the 17th Annual VAT Summit that will take place in Berlin organized by VAT-Forum. Its aim is to create an open discussion between VAT managers within companies, consultants, officials from national VAT authorities and the European Commission. This conference aims to discuss hot topics and provide ready-made answers for businesses. The aim of the conference is also to inform companies and consultants of the latest changes to EC and national VAT legislation and the impact of these changes on business.

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EU. Action Plan on VAT


On 7 April 2016 the Commission adopted an action plan regarding VAT which has been named "Towards a single EU VAT area". The Action Plan sets out immediate and urgent actions to tackle the VAT gap and adapt the VAT system to the digital economy and the needs of SMEs. It also provides clear orientations towards a robust single European VAT area in relation to the definitive VAT system for cross-border supplies and proposes options for a modernised policy on EU rules governing VAT rates.

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The SII postponed


The Tax Agency announced in October 2014 a revolution that would force companies to recall Hacienda near real-time of invoices issued and received. The project, dubbed SII (Immediate Supply of Information), due to come into force in January 2017 and was called to be the change in the management of the most important tax since the tax was introduced in 1986. However, the delay in the approval of the decree implementing the measure and the election date have left in limbo this initiative.

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