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VAT checks


It is not unusual that, because of the fact that the VAT is supposed to be neutral, the company is not concerned about the existence of risk or potential savings affecting this tax. As a result, there are many cases where the company is not aware of the existence of problems or tax savings opportunities until too late.

With our VAT check, we go through the company type transactions, evaluate the internal administrative control procedures and cross-check the accounting data with the returns filed, in order to be able to conclude about:
- The level of compliance with the VAT formalities resulting from the operative of the company.

- The consistency of the input and output VAT declared by the company and the inexistence of VAT contingencies or failure to recover all the input VAT that the company would be entitled to.

- The existence of alternatives that could optimize the VAT situation of the company in terms of overall VAT payable/receivable.

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